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What's new?


Lapworth Churchyard plan is now finished to follow those from all of the churches in the Ferncumbe Parish


Added a graveyard plan for Wroxall Burial Ground. Located in Honiley Church section as it is managed by Honiley


Added scans of a fascinating book from 1855 which catalogued the property holdings of the Rowington Estates Charity, all of which have been sold over the years


Improved scans of some poor quality images plus quite a number of new images throughout


Update to Haseley Graveyard plan and index following further research on the 1887 section of the graveyard

Honiley Churchyard plan is now finished to follow Hatton and Haseley. Hopefully this will be a valuable resource for people researching their family history. Just Wroxall burial ground to do now!



Added plan of Hatton and Haseley Churchyards along with a grave index similar to the one we have had for Rowington for some time. Hopefully this will be a valuable resource for people researching their family history. Watch this space: Honiley to follow...


The Rowington Churchyard Map has been brought up to date with burials since 2010. The index also includes for the first time transcriptions of the pre-1900 grave inscriptions from the 1980 survey, few of which are now visible on the ground. Hopefully this will be a valuable resource for people researching their family history


A huge collection of more than 1,200 pictures of past productions by Lapworth Players. The collection is organised by date. More information on the Players, along with many more recent photographs, is available on their own website at www.lapworthplayers.weebly.com

Many thanks to the Players for making these available


A number of additions throughout the site - to find them follow the "new" markers (a red star) at the top of a folder or use the "Search for new images" option at the bottom of the page.


I am delighted to have been given permission by Arthur Lockwood to reproduce copies of some of his beautiful local paintings. These are all together for now in a single folder, in due course I will copy them to the relevant section of the website based on the subject of the painting.


A brand new look

The developers have released a new version of the software that I use to manage this site. This has entailed a fairly lengthy upgrade process but the new version does give much better handling of different screen sizes for things like tablets and phones as well as an improved look and feel. I hope you like it. I have had to iron out quite a few problems along the way, I think I have got them all but if you find something that doesn't seem to be working properly I'd be really grateful if you could let me know by dropping an email to me at webmaster@rowingtonrecords.com Please make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the pages - there is some new stuff down there, like the ability to add Facebook comments (note that you do have to have a Facebook account and be logged in to use this feature)


Some additions to the collection of pictures of Highfield Farm kindly provided by Derek Bull. The album has been moved under the Shrewley collection as Derek points out that the farm is in Shrewley and not Lowsonford.


Some additions to the collection of local pictures and memorabilia from the Kettle family.