Booklets for sale

We have produced booklets to accompany our last two Exhibitions in Rowington which are for sale for £2.50 each including postage within the UK. Booklets to accompany our upcoming talks in November will also be available in November. To order a copy, please contact us by sending an email to

The Canals of Rowington and Lapworth

The story of how the how the canals that run through Rowington and Lapworth were built at the end of the c18th.

William Bolton - from Warwick to Madeira

The story of a c17th Warwick merchant who set up business in Madeira.

The Lost Railway

The story of the 50 year struggle to build the Branch Line that plied between Kingswood station (now Lapworth Station) and Henley-in-Arden for just 21 years between 1894 and 1915. A 44-page A5 booklet containing more than 30 black and white illustrations.

Propaganda in Films 1914-18

The story of how the new medium of film was exploited for propaganda purposes during WW1. A 24-page A5 booklet richly illustrated with stills from contemporary films and newsreels.

Rowington at War

A 52-page A5 booklet containing most of the material exhibited at our 2014 Exhibition "Rowington at War". Telling the stories of the men of the Parish who went to war as well as insights into life in the area during WW1.